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General Rules

  • Once you join Blood Money, every time you interact with other players in the game, you will be representing the guild. As a member of Blood Money you are expected to behave with respect for fellow guild members as well as other players. Activities such as ninja-looting, scamming and fighting/swearing at people (from Blood Money or otherwise), will be swiftly dealt with by the officers.
  • Guild members are welcome to speak to an officer ask for their Alt(s) and friends to be invited to the guild at any character level. When playing on an alt which is in Blood Money you are expected to behave in the same way as you would on your main. All guild rules apply to friends (Social Rank) as well.
  • We would like to emphasize that Blood Money is first and foremost a Raid Progression guild. Most decision and policies are set to give us the best possible chances and progressing through raid content.
  • If you have any issues with some guild policies or with other players in the guild, please contact an officer by in-game whisper, in-game mail or private message on the forums. Do not let small disagreements get out of hand.
  • Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome. The best place for this is on our guild discord or here on the forums, so we have a constant record of all communication.
  • Blood Money has a zero-tolerance policy towards drama, any player seen instigating drama on a regular basis will be removed. Our policy is to never straight up guild-kick a player (except for extreme cases). If the officers see any issues arising with players, they will be pulled to the side so we can try to have a civil discussion before making any decisions.
  • Everyone is free to organize their own events (achievements runs, alt runs) as long as they don't conflict with our main raid’s schedule.We invited you to join us because we want you to be here. We made a commitment to you and all we ask in return is that you make the same commitment towards Blood Money and its members.

Guild Bank:


Raiding Rules:

  • Use of Discord during raids is mandatory so that you are able to hear and understand the raid leader. We understand some people are naturally more talkative than others and we would never wish to make anyone feel uncomfortable, however given the nature of mythic raiding a working microphone is a necessity so that you can communicate on certain mechanics when required.
  • Given that we are a 2 day raiding guild we strive to get more done in less time and as such a minimum of 90% attendance is required from our raiders. Any absence must be reported by posting on the absence thread here on the forums.
  • Calendar invites for official raids will be sent at least 1 week before the raid. Please accept or decline as applicable. “Tentative” replies will be considered as declines.
  • Raid invites start 5 minutes before raid time (as specified on the calendar). At raid time you are expected to be inside the instance and ready to pull.
  • Always come to raids fully prepared. This includes reading up on all fights for the current raid, have all necessary consumables (flasks, potions, food, etc.), have all your gear optimized with the best available gems and enchants for your spec.
  • We accept and encourage participation during raids, so if you have any ideas they are always welcome. Understand though that there is never ONE strategy, there are many ways to kill the same boss, and we are willing to listen to suggestions, but once the raid leader makes a decision you must respect it and abide by it.
  • Given the current fixed mythic raid size of 20 players it is a necessity that we maintain a roster in excess of that due to people being absent/late etc, this will inevitably result in players being asked to sit out of the raid group on occasion. When we ask someone to sit out we expect them to respect that decision and please be mindful that if someone is asked to sit out for a particular boss or for a particular night it does not mean that person is benched for the rest of the week. We will always try to be as fair as we can, rotating people in to give them an opportunity to prove themselves as well as get the kills and gear they need however please remember that we are first and foremost a progression raiding guild and the overall progress of the guild comes first. When we are progressing we will always take the people who can perform to the standard we require on a given boss or fit the composition that we need in order to execute a specific tactic and we expect everyone to understand and respect that.
  • During a progression boss encounter the discord channel must remain “clear”. Meaning there should be no unnecessary talking that can cause raiders to lose focus.
  • We use a Loot Council system to distribute loot, this means gear will be handed out based on merit. Factors included when deciding gear assignments include, but are not limited to: Attendance, Rank, Current Item, Set Bonuses and guild requirements. If you have any issues with the loot distribution, please whisper an officer, do not discuss loot on chat/discord.

The following Addons are mandatory for raiding:

BigWigs (or DBM) - Boss Mods
Exorsus Raid Tools - Raid Coordination addon
Big Dumb Loot Council - Loot Distribution addon (without this addon you will not receive any loot)
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